What You’ll Learn

  • Customer Trap book coverWhy making a deal with a mega-retailer is often a bad idea;
  • How innovators allow mega-customers to dilute the value of their products and services, while letting them impose costs and force changes in strategic direction and operational control;
  • How to take back control of your sales and distribution, using the newest direct marketing techniques and the most innovative electronic platforms;
  • How innovators can avoid the distribution trap, build a sustainable business, and maintain the brand equity and margins of the products and services they worked so hard to create.

This book demonstrates in vivid detail how to thrive by controlling your sales and distribution. The authors show how many firms, such as STIHL Inc., etailz, Apple, Red Ant Pants, and Columbia Paints & Coatings, have prospered by avoiding the “Customer Trap”—and how your company can have similar success.