The Distribution Trap

Keeping Your Innovations From Becoming Commodities

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“Though it isn’t a summer beach novel, The Distribution Trap is nevertheless a real page-turner. Building on the premise that cracking the ‘big-box’ channel is not necessarily the Holy Grail that many marketers assume, the authors make a strong case that marketers of innovations should control the channel themselves. By so doing, they may forgo some volume, but that is more than offset by higher margins and stronger brand equity. The Distribution Trap offers a fresh perspective on one of the original decision areas in marketing.”

Richard Lutz
J. C. Penney Professor of Marketing at the University of Florida


It is time for U.S. companies to wake up to the destructive mass-marketing theories that have cut their profits, diminished their reputations, and sent American jobs overseas. “The Distribution Trap: Keeping Your Innovations from Becoming Commodities” is the eye-opener that can help turn things around. Current marketing and distribution notions, the authors contend, have wrongly convinced thousands of U.S. innovators that the sale and distribution of their products and services is better left in the hands of outside forces. By catering to the mass market, innovators are allowing mega-distributors to dilute the value of their products and services, imposing costs and changes in strategic direction and operational control.

Fortunately, there are practical steps innovators can take to control–and retain–the value of their products and services. The first section of the book explains the distribution trap, detailing how it hurts companies by forcing them to reduce costs, often by chasing cheap labor overseas. The second section details how to avoid the trap, it’s a lesson U.S. companies ignore at their own peril.

Distribution Trap book

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